Introducing Lea Hughes - the Newest Member of the ACHPER WA Team

      Lea joins the ACHPER WA branch this year as the new Executive Officer.

Lea comes from an education background and has taught in schools as a Health and Physical Education teacher and leader for almost 20 years. She has been active in developing, promoting and delivering the Health and Physical Education Curriculum in collaboration with her work and dedication to student and staff wellbeing. She is a highly experienced specialist teacher of ATAR Physical Education and has worked extensively with the School’s Curriculum Standards Authority.

Lea is also the founder of Rise to Shine Wellbeing, which specialises in providing wellbeing services to individuals, education, corporations, and sporting organisations. Lea delivers professional learning presentations for staff, and workshops for students, focusing on nervous system regulation, stress management and building resiliency for optimal health and wellbeing. She is a highly experienced and qualified Buteyko Method / Oxygen Advantage Breathwork instructor, yoga teacher and wellness coach. 

“I am delighted to be joining ACHPER WA, it will be an absolute pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated and professional community. There are so many opportunities to grow and develop in this field of expertise and I look forward to sharing many of these opportunities with you. ACHPER WA is committed to supporting all teachers in the field of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, working towards a healthier WA."

~ Lea Hughes