The engine behind ACHPER WA

20th June 2017
The engine behind ACHPER WA

Find out more about the engine behind ACHPER WA, our Executive Officer Denyse Passmore…

Denyse first became an employee of the WA branch back in 1990, and for 27 years has served the branch, the members and health & physical education community of WA, in an sole capacity. Her role includes EVERYTHING… organizing events & meetings, looking after the financials, liaising with kindred organisations and the National Office, supporting members and the State Board, overseeing publications and resources, and seeking opportunities to expand the reach of the branch. Over the years Denyse has created thousands of professional development opportunities, been a central point of support for teachers and schools across the state, and established a rapport of excellence with members, schools, and key players in the state such as the Departments of Sport and Rec, and Education.


In Denyses own words, she has most enjoyed being part of the organising committee for two successful national / international conferences held in Perth (1991 and 2007) which meant working with amazingly dedicated people.
What she loves most about her role with ACHPER WA? Working with volunteers who are passionate about ACHPER and all it stands for.

In August 2016, Denyse was recognised for her dedication to ACHPER and physical education and received the ACHPER National Service Award.