Sport and social skills for children with disabilities

7th July 2018 by Matthew Donaldson
Sport and social skills for children with disabilities

Sportslink is an inclusive Co-Curricular Programme designed to teach basic sports skills, social skills and confidence to children with disabilities from 7-15 years of age.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, supported by Physical Education teacher Matthew Donaldson, coach children individually and in group work with a strong emphasis on building relationships, collaboration and developing attention and awareness.

The program aims for children in the Sportslink program is to have fun through movement, develop fundamental movement skills, object control, striking and cooperative team games that provide a positive opportunity to engage in physical activity and promote a transition to community sporting groups. Recently, the addition of the PLC Lighthouse has enabled wellbeing activities, such as art therapy and mindfulness activities to further enrich the program.

The students develop a strong rapport with their buddies over the 6 week program and focus on building on the strengths and deliver a personalised approach for each child. The PLC students develop confidence, collaborate, plan and make ethical decisions as they develop their leadership skills. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to further extend and apply the skills and knowledge developed through the Physical Education coaching unit.

Sportslink has been running at PLC for nine years and are seeking new children aged 7-15 who would like to be involved in the term 4 Programme, please contact Amy McDonald