Health Studies Curriculum Advisory Committee

27th March 2018
Health Studies Curriculum Advisory Committee
Donna Barwood provides a report from the Health Studies Advisory Committee.


Below and in dot form are the key messages from the chief examiner to all teachers of Health Studies:

  • Create connections to the syllabus as a whole so that students’ can demonstrate understandings across the whole syllabus as opposed to sections or content points;
  • Expose students to contemporary ideas in both population and individual health, especially health promotion tools like infographics, which are very ‘now’;
  • Ensure teaching and learning explores the range of achievement in the syllabus so that those students toward to top end can demonstrate depth of understanding;
  • Extended answers need to be unpacked further, demonstrating why the particular information is important and how it relates to the totality of the course;
  • Models – unpack why they are used because they are an important mechanism in health promotion; to respond, apply and/or explain information; and most importantly,

The full report is freely available on the website of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). One version is available to the public whilst a more detailed version is accessible via the extranet.