PE Studies Curriculum Advisory Committee Report

1st June 2018 by Emme Wild
PE Studies Curriculum Advisory Committee Report
Emme Wild provides a report from the Physical Education Studies Advisory Committee.


The Physical Education Studies Course Advisory Committee took place on Monday 12 March 2018. The 2017 Physical Education Studies Examination Report was presented by the Chief Examiner. It was noted that many students are using terminology that is not prescribed in the syllabus. Discussion centred on the use of texts that may use alternate terminology, however, teachers and students must be guided by that as outlined in the syllabus. Students appeared to consistently provide appropriate responses to lower level questions, they often struggled to apply this knowledge to practical activities when required.

Committee members discussed the following:

  • Their concern over the relatively low mean of the extended answer section (44.8%), especially as a number of extended answer question used lower order verbs such as ‘list’ and ‘outline’.
  • That a number of students who performed poorly in some questions appear to have not read the questions properly or misunderstood the requirements of the question.
  • Question 27b raised great concerns as the diagram appeared in only one specific text. The Chief Examiner acknowledged this issue and noted it for future examinations.
  • The inclusion of minimal application questions was raised by a number of members and this was also noted by the Chief Examiner for future examinations.

The moderation report was presented by the Executive Officer. Discussion included the high degree of compliance of documents reviewed in the syllabus delivery audit and vast improvement in the level of comparability between school and reviewer marks in the externally set task.

The content for the Year 12 Physical Education Studies General Course externally set task was discussed and a number of content areas were identified which will be included in the task for 2019.

The full report is freely available on the website of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). One version is available to the public whilst a more detailed version is accessible via the extranet.