Outdoor Education Curriculum Advisory Committee Report

4th May 2018 by Corey May
Outdoor Education Curriculum Advisory Committee Report
Corey May provides a report from the Outdoor Education Advisory Committee.


Below are the key messages from the chief examiner to all teachers of Outdoor Education:

Candidates typically demonstrated a general understanding of course content but they often struggled to apply theoretical models to practical experiences. Some candidates did not read questions carefully or attend to the particular verb demands of questions and therefore provided inappropriate responses or responses that lacked the required detail. Questions that related to location of position using triangulation continue to present a challenge to candidates, in particular the calculating of magnetic variation.

Other key points to note:

  • Ensure that you cover all syllabus dot-points and familiarise students with course requirements and previous examination materials.
  • Provide students with plenty of opportunities to practise appropriate examination techniques. For example, how to deconstruct questions, how to respond to the verb demands of questions and how to write concisely under time restraints.
  • Reflect on and further develop strategies to explicitly teach syllabus concepts that students find particularly challenging such as triangulation.
  • Provide students with tasks that require them to consider application of key models/concepts in a practical environment. Remind them that they are required to contextualise their learning and not just recall stages and characteristics.

The full report is freely available on the website of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). One version is available to the public whilst a more detailed version is accessible via the extranet.