Our new look Dance Festivals!

19th March 2019 by Vicki Delves
Our new look Dance Festivals!

For the last 20 years ACHPER WA has provided a platform for students, teachers, schools and communities to showcase dance as an art form and to also provide opportunities for students to practise and perform curriculum elements.

ACHPER WA would like to acknowledge Rolanda Geneff’s involvement in the coordination of the past Dance festivals.

ACHPER WA’s continued focus is to  support, inspire and engage with members, teachers, schools, communities and promote healthier, safer and more active living to the people of Western Australia.

ACHPER WA are pleased to announce that the ACHPER WA Primary and Secondary Dance festivals will once again be a feature of the ACHPER WA professional learning calendar.

The 2019 Dance festivals will offer new and exciting performance elements to support students, schools and communities and will also include opportunities for stage crews and production crews from schools to be involved that will undoubtedly enhance their skills sets.

We look forward to working with you once again for the ACHPER WA dance festivals.