Focus group for schools to improve PA practices

6th May 2018 by Donna Barwood
Focus group for schools to improve PA practices
Invitation to join a focus group


A group of researchers from Universities around Australia are working together on a project for which they seek to engage with key stakeholders to discuss their perspectives on processes and incentives that can encourage WA Australian schools to improve their physical activity practices.

The project research team includes:
Michalis Stylianous, University of Queensland
Prof Leon Starker, Curtin University
Dr Natasha Schranz, University of South Australia and Active Healthy Kids Australia
Dr Sjaan Gomersall, University of Queensland
Assoc Prof Michael Rosenberg, University of Western Australia

The research team has invited members from ACHPER WA to be part of this project and provide your perspectives. The only requirement would be participating in an interview or focus group that we can arrange at a time and location of your convenience.

If you are interested please contact