Snorkelling Instructor Course


Early January 2019 during the school holidays 2 groups of 8 teachers from all over WA completed training with Perth Scuba in Instruct snorkelling. This course consisted of knowledge development, skill practice in the pool and a practical assessment in the ocean.

All the participants took part in discussions regarding theory and practical training as well as legislation and industry requirements. After completing the training the teachers where qualified to conduct training in a safe manor for the school children of all ages as specified in the industry Code of Practice.

The course is designed to give teachers a good overall knowledge of the standards of compliance which must be met in the newly appointed industry code of practice for teaching snorkeling courses in schools.

The course is also structured to show the capabilities of the participating teachers and identify their own in water capabilities through a range of time assessed swimming activities as well as showing their ability to perform in water rescues and tired swimmer tows.

During the course teachers were also introduced to the equipment required to teach  snorkeling and the effective use of these aids in a fun environment where students are most likely to be more open to learning.  The course structure is very easily built into a three day course with some recognition for previously earned qualifications and for first aid and oxygen provider certifications which may still be current.

Allan Bartlett, Course Director