Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools

Philosophies, Paradoxes, Principles and Pedagogies


On Tuesday 5 February, ACHPER WA in conjunction with ECU hosted the Twilight Seminar presented by Dr Jo Harris that was attended by more than 70 WA HPE professionals including a large number of ACHPER WA members.

Jo presented an enlightening and thought provoking seminar; challenging Health and Physical Educators to rethink, reconfigure and redesign physical education practice and delivery to promote healthy, active lifestyles.

The workshop discussed the PAL research findings and the connection between teaching and promoting active lifestyles and how that led to the philosophical and pedagogical changes between the two.

Dr Jo Harris fielded a range of questions from the participants including the challenge of embedding healthy active lifestyles as a curriculum deliverable in a practical setting and including assessment of learning and progress in active ways.

View the presentation here: PAL_JoHarris_Feb2019