ACHPER WAs new rules + invite to a presentation on the philosophy of rules in sport


Big News – Constitution revamp

By President Dr Donna Barwood

As a consequence of changes to the Associations Incorporation Act (2015), ACHPER WA has recently updated its Constitution.

Updating the Constitution has been a long and complex process for the Board. The proposed and updated constitution (The Rules) can be viewed below; along with a one page summary of The Rules to inform ACHPER Members, at a quick glance, of the necessary changes to realign with the Act.

The opportunity to revisit our constitution has enabled ACHPER WA to respond to our changing times and reflect contemporary practice. As such, I would like to alert you to the refinement of our objects and purposes as the existing or outgoing ACHPER WA objects and purposes were outdated, overly wordy and in some ways too diversified. We are extremely proud of new articulation of ACHPER WA’s objects and purposes as they succinctly encompass what ACHPER WA are about.

The proposed objects and purposes of the association are:
• support and promote healthier, safer and more active living to the people of Western Australia;
• inspire, demonstrate and advocate excellence in the teaching and learning of health and physical education and other related learning in schools and communities; and
• engage and partner with members, teachers, schools, communities, peak bodies and likeminded associations.

We ask the ACHPER WA members review the proposed Rules and comment via email. 

A formal adoption of the Rules will take place at a Special General Meeting on Tuesday 31st July. We seek the support of our members to attend this very important meeting, catch up with fellow members, enjoy some refreshments, and also view a unique “rules in sport” presentation, see more below.


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We look forward to seeing you there!


Presentation: philosophy and psychology of rules in sport

ACHPER WA Board member, lawyer and resident governance expert, Jamie Blanchard, is a recreational Ultra marathon runner. Running races have rules, like all sports…

At the Special General meeting, Jamie will provide a short presentation on the philosophy and psychology of rules. This will look at an example of the rules of the Barkley Marathon: the world’s toughest ultra marathon, and what this can teach us about how rules work and how to work with rules.

This presentation is for the benefit of our members but also would be appropriate for those teaching ATAR Physical Education.




Tuesday 31st July




The Lighthouse, Presbyterian Ladies' College




Further details on exact location and parking will be sent following your RSVP