Meditation in Schools Workshop


Meditation in Schools: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

presented by Amy Hamilton


The Meditation in Schools event held on the 28th April 2018, was a FREE member workshop offered by ACHPER WA to our loyal members.

Amy Hamilton is an accomplished author of books that nurture children’s’ spirituality.  She teaches meditation to children, trains adults to teach meditation to children, and is also a Learning Support Teacher at SIDE.

The jam-packed workshop introduced teachers to the many ways in which meditative approaches can be used to ground, invigorate, calm and create body awareness in students whilst enhancing classroom dynamics. The workshop covered the current stressors faced by children and the difficult path that educators take to work with children facing these challenges.

Breathing technique was a focus of the workshop. Amy discussed how children and young people, especially when stressed, shallow breathe. One technique is to instruct students to imagine that one hand is full of flowers and the other hand holds a candle. In Amy’s words,

“Breathe in deeply through your nose to smell the flowers and then, blow long and hard through your mouth to blow out the candle.”

Perhaps give this activity a go with your students and see if they become calmer.

The interactive activities gave the participants a wide range of tools to apply various techniques not only in the classroom, but also to themselves. Those in attendance walked away with her terrific e-Book and some new skills to use with their students.

Long term ACHPER member, Jan Michell from Applecross SHS, thought that the presentation and content was excellent. “I came away with a range of strategies for my students and myself, such as one minute meditation and calming jars.”

If you are interested in attending future meditation workshops, please email

Stay tuned for the next FREE member workshop occurring later in the year.