Celebrating Successes

20th March 2019 by Donna Barwood
Celebrating Successes

To say that we have been busy at ACHPER WA is an understatement and the following is a list of successes for 2018. These successes are initiatives that mostly sat outside ‘normal’ operations for ACHPER WA and have significantly improved our standing within WA HPE community.

The successes are:

  • Advocacy regarding the closure of Camp Schools with a Position Statement sent to the Minister of Education;
  • Reorganisation of ACHPER WA finances;
  • Development of the ACHPER WA budget and particular event budgets;
  • Creation, membership adoption and government endorsement of the ‘Rules’ to comply with policy changes to not-for-profit organisations in Australia, formerly known as the Constitution;
  • Development and website articulation of the Engagement Model;
  • Development of Event planners/procedures for all events;
  • Overhaul of the website to reflect the ‘Rules’, consistent language and strategic priorities;
  • Development of a new position statement
  • Creation and implementation of free events for members such as the Meditation and Fatigue workshops;
  • Creation and implementation of the Resume and Job Application workshop;
  • Creation and implementation of term-based after school workshops such as the Invasion Games Workshop;
  • Creation and inauguration of the Inclusion and Diversity in HPE conference;
  • Provision of 2 rural and 1 metro FMS workshops;
  • Re-connection and collaboration with School Sport WA;
  • Advertising of the EO position, development of EO job description, EO contract and subsequent employment of Vicki Delves;
  • Advocacy with the DOE regarding the Duty of Care policies pertaining to Outdoor Education – resulting in the adoption of a ‘transition period’ for 2019;
  • Creation of ‘emergency’ professional learning held during the summer break to support teachers delivering snorkelling, mountain biking, and flatwater kayaking x 3; and
  • Finally, the most successful State conference ever!

I am extremely proud of these successes and feel stronger that ACHPER WA is a family of HPE enthusiasts. At this time, it would be remiss of me not to thank Denyse Passmore, Mikala Dinka and Vicki Delves for their efforts in these successes.
Onwards and upwards.

Regards, Donna