Advancing teaching and learning outcomes through technology

18th May 2018 by Matthew Donaldson
Advancing teaching and learning outcomes through technology

There is a challenge for PE teachers to deliver high quality lessons across the breadth and depth of sports. Relevant, meaningful and authentic resources that are developmentally appropriate for students can be time consuming to create in an already demanding workplace.

iBooks is a digital platform that enables the creation and distribution of teaching and learning resources. The advantage of the iBook platform is through the interactive widgets that have shown to increase the engagement and attention and awareness of student interest. It is worthwhile browsing the education section. Interactive widgets could include media, keynote, 3D images, interactive images, review questions, scrolling sidebar, pop over and html options.

At PLC, a Rhythmic Gymnastics iBook series has transformed teaching and learning. Students are able to download the iBooks for the ball, hoop and the ribbon apparatus. Students learn basic, intermediate and advanced skills at their own pace using video exemplar demonstration by a national rhythmic gymnast, as well as keynote widget for specific teaching points for each skill.

“The platform has improved student activity time on task, facilitated the acquisition of learning a range and more complex skills that has improved student performance”

An interactive Water Polo iBook series has also been created with the Women’s WAIS team and Water Polo WA. The iBooks feature three exemplar woman athletes from the under 18 WAIS squad and team videos of the full squad, including three 2016 Olympians.
– Book 1: Water Polo swimming movement skills
– Book 2: Water Polo passing skills
– Book 3: Water Polo shooting skills
– Book 4: Goal keeping skills
– Book 5: Game play

Each resource contains a comprehensive and sequential skills matrix, short video, description of the skill, teaching points, explains why each skill is important, and how they contribute to enhance game play. Self-assessment widgets, extension activities and variations promote engagement, attention and awareness and student self-paced learning. There are a range of teaching strategies and learning outcomes that can be cultivated through the resource, available to purchase on the iBooks store.

“Teachers and students can access the resource on their device to allow a ‘flipped classroom’ approach that can support student readiness, knowledge, range of skill levels and promote self-regulated learners.”

The interactive self-assessment tool can be used to measure and identify skill levels for class groupings and goal setting. Exemplar videos shown to students at the start of a lesson to model skills and strategies covered in the lesson can facilitate students’ learning to ensure what students understand and know.

The resource aims to challenge Physical and Health Education teachers to explore other sports and include Water Polo in their curriculum and aquatic sport programs.

If you would like to enquire more about iBooks in PHE contact ACHPER WA Board member Matthew Donaldson