History & Honours

The Australian Physical Education Teachers Association (APEA) was established in 1955 and later became the ACHPER organisation. In 1962, Ern Haliday became the first WA Branch President.


Life Members

Life Members have given outstanding service to their Branches and to National ACHPER over many years and those awarded more recently continue to hold office or support the organisation at National and Branch level. Life Membership is the highest and most prestigious National award available to ACHPER Members.

1970  Dr Robin GRA
1970  Mr R Ernest HALLIDAY
1991  Prof John BLOOMFIELD
1991  Mr Len PAVY
1996  Mr Tom WALMSLEY
2000  Mr John GARNAUT
2002  Dr Lynn EMBREY
2008  Mr Graeme QUELCH


National Honour Award

Awarded to members or non-members who have made significant contribution to one or more of the areas of focus, or to the conduct of ACHPER.

2004  Trevor SHILTON
2006  Donna CROSS
2016  Graeme QUELCH


National Service Award

Awarded to employees of ACHPER who have given meritorious service over an extended period of time.

2016  Denyse PASSMORE


WA Honour Award

2007  Andrew WATT
2008  Beth HANDS
2008  Jan MICHELL
2012  Clara DEANS


WA Fellows

ACHPER Fellows have made a significant contribution to ACHPER’s standing and activities. They have served their Branch with energy and commitment, and been influential, hard working and supportive of colleagues in their workplace and within ACHPER’s committees, projects and events.

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WA Branch Presidents

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Member Milestiones

5 years
Janine Bain, Dixie Follett, Craig Stein, Brad Ramsay, Karina Podmore, Kathleen Robbins, Valerie Thompson, Amanda Washer, Carmelina Bridges, Coral Perhavec, Alison Turner, Donna Barwood, Anne Miller, Heather Meldrum, Gail Warrilow, Amy Jaggard, Tanya Ierace, Karina Podmore, Rolanda Geneff, Joanne Pierce, Kenrick Armitage, Karen Wilson, Rachael White, Tanya Takayama, Carissa Tucker, David Myers, Matthew Shields

10 years
Graham Jones, Corinne Fox, Paul Stockley, Emme Wild, Dan Vernon, Stella Northey, Kerry Hinkley, Alexander McLennan, Barry Paveling, Jennifer Raphael, Craig Thomas, Steven Miller, Susan Kenny, Melanie Kearney, Rick Bunn

15 years
Ash Dashlooty, Ross Williams, Ann Shakespeare, Clara Deans

20 years
Beth Hands, Karen Layman, Martin Anderson, Dawn Penney, Adam Scott

25 years
Craig Harms, Regina Gaujers, Stephen Young, Andrew Watt, Louise Carson, Lynne Hughes, Lui Ceccato, Paola Chivers, Ian Lockhart, Christine Polglaze

30 years
Jan Michell, Andrew Taggart, James Grove, John Staer, Janet Reeks, Hilary Arthure

35 years
Joan Strikwerda-Brown

40 years
Helen Parker

45 years
Lis Francis


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