A Spotlight on Advocacy

7th August 2018 by Matthew Shields
A Spotlight on Advocacy

Behind the scenes ACHPER WA work hard to ensure that HPE stay a relevant and important focus. See our below for some of our recent advocacy work:

Members of the Board have been supporting KID DO Steering Committee, a health promotion project who’s overall aim is to increase the preparedness of children from disadvantaged areas to be ready to move by the beginning of primary school and moving well and frequently by the end of primary school. To achieve this, the project is expanding the existing successful Uni-Active program, developing on-line resources and providing pathways to lifelong physical activity opportunities within the community.

The WACA have established and education advisory committee to provide strategic advice, raise issues relevant to education systems and the sector and provide an advocacy and leadership role in relation to the development of the game in schools. The first meeting was very positive and there is some very exiting work ahead.

Senior Health and Physical Education (HPE) consultants across the systems and sector have been meeting regularly to pool resources, share ideas and drive the HPE agenda in WA. There are plans afoot to deliver primary and secondary HPE conferences in association with ACHPER WA. Watch this space.


Through participating in these meetings, it became apparent that there are always more opportunities to collaborate. My challenge to you is to collaborate with a new phys edder and incorporate an external organisation into your program by the end of the year.

To help here are a few of opportunities:

  • The WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) is a not for profit, non-government entity which advocates and supports a whole school and community approach to health and wellbeing. Their website contains information, resources and contacts on a number of health areas.
  • The Department of Local Government, sport and Cultural industries (previously Department of Sport and Recreations) provides a list of State Sport and Recreation Associations and contacts. So whatever your context or passion there will be something for you.
  • Networking at the upcoming ACHPER WA Conference in November!

We look forward to hearing about all of the new collaborations and learning opportunities for both you and your students. Please send them in to us so that we can share your success stories.